Managing strategy and HRM

Published on July 7, 2011 Reviewed on August 31, 2016   40 min

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Hi, my name is John Delery. I'm the Raymond F. Orr Chair and Professor of Management at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas in the United States. I am an expert in strategic human resource management and what that field basically is interested in is the relationship between how companies manage human resources and firm performance. A big part of this is the relationship between business strategy and human resource management practices.
Before I begin the presentation, I'd like to provide an overview to give you an idea of where we're going and how we're gonna get there. I'm gonna start with defining business strategy. What does it mean? And what does it mean in organizations? I'll move on to business strategy and competitive advantage. How does business strategy relate to competitive advantage? And what are the true sources of competitive advantage for organizations today? I'll then move on to the idea that human capital can be a source of competitive advantage and outline specifically how human capital and the human resource management practices organizations employ fit the characteristics of resources that can be a source of competitive advantage. I'll then go into how to strategically manage human capital through human resource management practices to generate that competitive advantage. And then we'll go onto linking the human resource management practices and business strategy and talk about the linkage there to make sure that we've covered that very well. And finally, I'll conclude with a few general observations. So I hope you enjoy.