Do we need change agents in the boardroom?

Published on February 27, 2020   18 min
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Hello, my name is Ruth Sacks. I work as a consultant in organization development and change, and I also work for Northumbria Business School, which is based in Newcastle. This Henry Stewart Talk is about the attribute of a change agent and on why we need people to be change agents on the board.
The attribute of a change agent is important for companies and even more important for the board itself. What board members should remember is that they are there to develop the company and keep it successful. That often means not doing what we've always done. The attribute of a change agent is only one part of being a director. Directors have a number of different aspects of their role, and a change agent and understanding the needs for change is something that they should be thinking about all the time. Every director, whether executive or non-executive, is on a board because of their expertise, their skills and competence. Change agency should be one of their characteristics, and it is particularly at the board level, a really important one. Being a change agent is not just about the actual work of managing change, of designing strategies, of understanding what is going on, but at the board level, it's also about being aware and open to your own attitudes to change, your own ways of working as an individual and with the other members of the board, and making sure that you are always being effective for the benefit of the company for which you are a board member.