Management and spirituality

Published on July 31, 2019   32 min

A selection of talks on Management, Leadership & Organisation

Welcome to the lecture about Management and Spirituality. My name is Dusan Kucera, and I'm teaching as an assistant professor at the University of Economics, in Prague, the Czech Republic.
Have you heard about management and spirituality? You can imagine, especially in my country and the whole of Central and East Europe with Marxist and Communists education and with special experience of real socialism, it is rather a strange topic, you can believe me. But, also, the Western European practices are typically based on empirical studies, and not on spiritual evaluations. There are always some exceptions. The general question is: does spirituality belong to management? Could spirituality be a part of economics where we analyze the data, numbers, percentages, an graphs? We are so proud that some colleagues think it is an exact science; or do you think that my topic is a game and an experiment on how to make my lecture only a little bit more attractive and interesting? I can promise you that my lecture introduces you to the basic philosophical and spiritual perspective of economic thinking, focused on business and management. We have to say that the spiritual perspective of management is neglected- a forgotten part of the economy. Spirituality is not a part of managerial education in business schools, but I can tell you, the spiritual point of view is a very important part of economics and is based on the following fundamentals.