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Rescue mechanisms: UK insolvency law and practice

Published on March 31, 2019   51 min

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My name's Keith Pond. I've been working in the area of insolvency both as a banker and an academic for over 40 years. Then this lecture is about the UK insolvency systems rescue mechanisms.
My interest was first peaked in this subject by being a member of a small team in Midland Bank the forerunner of HSBC in the early '80s where we were looking after the credit corporate casualties of the recession of the late '70s. But since then the law has changed, and this lecture in fact, has been the basis of much of my teaching at these other institutions that are on the slide there. The lecture is about the rescue mechanisms that the UK Insolvency Act in 1986 brought along.
The objectives for this lecture are here on the screen. There is some information that you'll be receiving some facts and figures. But really what I want to do is to be able to get an understanding of the thrust, the main purpose of the different rescue mechanisms, and perhaps try and explore why they work and why they might not work in certain cases.

Rescue mechanisms: UK insolvency law and practice

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