Disaster insurance in developing countries

Published on May 30, 2022   54 min
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Hello. My name is Swenja Surminski. I'm the head of Adaptation Research at the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics. Today, I'm going to talk with you about Disaster Insurance in Developing Countries. How it's being used? Why it's being used? What the challenges are? But then also, most importantly, whether or not it can help us addressing climate change and preparing for climate risks.
In the next couple of minutes, we will discuss the wonderful world of disaster risk insurance by looking at some examples. Also trying to understand why this is being used in what context, for what risks. We are going to try and visit some applications. How does this instrument work on the ground? What are the advantages, disadvantages and challenges? We will end with a discussion of the outlook. Where does this actually fit in our efforts to address climate change and prepare for the climate risks that many places around the world already experiencing? Any lectures are only as good as what you will make of it and how you use the material. I will do my best to pause at certain points and ask questions because I think there is plenty of food for thought. There are some really topical questions that policymakers, insurers, NGOs, development partners are currently struggling with. Throughout this lecture, I really encourage you to also think, to consider this in your own context and to then probe and see this as an appetizer and hopefully, be more interested in studying this field and exploring further what options are out there, what exists, what we can develop, where the innovation is. That's my offer, and I hope that throughout this lecture I can give you some food for thought. To get started,