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Butterfly Hotels, Ltd. - a UK insolvency law and practice case study

Published on March 31, 2019   26 min

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Hello and welcome to this case study of a failed company, a case study in insolvency law and practice, and the case centers around Butterfly Hotels Ltd. My name's Keith Pond. I'm a lecturer at University of Loughborough, University of Birmingham and work with the London Institute of Banking and Finance.
Butterfly Hotels Ltd, it's a small hotel company working in the UK Midlands in 2011. The case study itself is based on information that's available readily if you know where to look in company's house, in the original documents provided to the courts for the administration but also the historic accounts of the company, the history, and of course, any digital footprint they may have had on the Internet can still be reviewed. The case as we'll see is an illustration of a pre-packed administration, the type of administration that the deal to actually resolve the failure situation was done before the administrator was appointed, and the administration asked a very short time because it was already a done deal. One of the good questions that a class discussion can look at when reviewing these case studies, was that the right route to go?
The case study is what we call an iceberg case study. The bit we can see above the surface is the publicly available information as I've mentioned already: the court documentation, the administrators' proposals, the company's house information, the accounts, the company returns, and whatever might be out there in local newspapers, in common trade, and trade papers. But the case requires some deeper research too. Yes, there's some digging of public information available, but we're really interested in what lies beneath. What actually are the implications of some of the information that we're seeing? What actually is the implication for the bankers, the hotel industry, this particular company, the directors, the employees? This is interpreting the information that we find in the case.

Butterfly Hotels, Ltd. - a UK insolvency law and practice case study

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