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Managerial responsibility and business ethics

Published on January 31, 2018   48 min

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Welcome to the course Managerial Responsibility and Business Ethics. My name is Dr. Dusan Kucera. I am the teacher at the University of Economics Prague.
First, I'd like to introduce my structure. First Chapter, the meaning of business ethics today. The meaning is based on business schools. We as the teachers are very busy now with the question of what should we teach? How should we prepare the students for all the ethical challenges of capitalist society today. The second part of our first chapter is the challenge for companies. It's very difficult to be oriented today in a global situation so we will close the first chapter with this topic. The second chapter I will open was the spirit of capitalism's. The spirit of capitalism is something what we need to understand in order to be able to deal with the ethical questions, to be able to solve the ethical problems and all live in our companies in the frame of ethical challenges. So this question is touching the frame of Western scientific thinking, and we will speak about some theories about their pros and contrasts. The third chapter I would like to open, because we have to see special practical examples based on limited ethical theories. So we'll touch some examples based on utilitarianism and very favors and very often used profit orientation. A special case is for example the corruption so, therefore, I would like to open the question about the long-term consequences of bribery. The fourth chapter is prepared because the managerial personality is very important. We, as managers, we, as personalities, are the basis for decision making. Nobody else is doing the decision. We are responsible for what and how are we thinking and how are we behaving.

Managerial responsibility and business ethics

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