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Extended-form Case Study

Knowledge empowering risk management

Published on June 2, 2015   17 min

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The topic for today is around risk management. And risk management particularly focused around third party oversight, which is oversight of suppliers that you may leverage, particularly around outsourcing. I'm Atul Vashistha, and I'm the chairman and CEO of Neo Group.
I want to give you context of where I'm coming from. Neo Group is a company that I founded in 1999 with the sole purpose of helping companies be better globalizers. For companies to better manage their whole global services supply chain, and their life cycle around strategy, sourcing, and governance. And in that journey, what we have learned is that risk plays a very big role. Especially as operations happen at scale, and happen in many different locations. Companies need to pay more attention to risk. Not just risk of their suppliers, but also risk of locations.
And in this journey we've been fortunate to serve a number of different clients across industries from banking and financial services, to retail, to others. And that has really given us a lot of experience, and more importantly, many case studies in terms of how companies manage risk, what kind of models they build, what kind of scorecards they build. And I shall be talking about that today.