Mr. Atul Vashistha Neo Group, USA

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Atul is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Neo Group, a firm he founded in 1999. Neo is recognized globally as a leading supply and outsourcing analytics, monitoring and advisory firm.
Atul is recognized globally as a leading expert on globalization, outsourcing and governance. Consulting Magazine named Atul one... read moreof the “Top 25 Most Influential Consultants” and “Top 6 IT Powerbrokers”. Globalization Today recognized Atul as an Industry Most Influential Powerhouse 25. Near Shore Americas recognized him as one of the Power 50.

Atul is the author of three books: Globalization Wisdom, Outsourcing Wisdom and The Offshore Nation. Atul also writes ongoing columns for Global Decisions, Pulse and Global Services.

Media and Wall Street analysts at CNN, ABC, CNBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Economist, CIO, CFO and other global organizations seek Atul’s expert opinion. Atul continues to be a vocal proponent of globalization and has taken on the critics, such as Lou Dobbs and his “Exporting America” segment on CNN.

Atul and his firms are redefining how corporations create competitive advantage and how nations and individuals can leverage this mega-trend to build better futures for all.