Tackling decision-making myths

Published on April 30, 2023   26 min

A selection of talks on Strategy

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Welcome to 'Tackling Decision-Making Myths'. My name is Cheryl Strauss Einhorn. I am the CEO and founder of decision sciences company, Decisive, and creator of the AREA Method, a decision-making system for individuals, companies, and non-profits to solve complex problems. I am also the author of two award-winning books, 'Problem Solved: A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction' about personal and professional decision-making and 'Investing in Financial Research: A Decision-Making System for Better Results' about financial and investment decisions. My new book focused on helping people identify their personal approach to decision-making is 'Problem Solver: Maximizing Your Strengths to Make Better Decisions', and is scheduled to be published in early 2023. I also teach at Cornell University. For more information about me, please visit areamethod.com.
We're going to dive right in to get you involved. As I run through the next few slides, please consider your decisions for each one and perhaps even jot them down for further reflection. Here we go. Select the answer that feels truest to you.
Do you work best in the morning or at night? Each of us has a personal preference and you probably know yours. But now think about a colleague or a good friend or even a family member. Is your preference theirs as well?