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Data ownership for a distributed and decentralized data economy

Published on May 30, 2022   17 min

Other Talks in the Series: Digital Transformation

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Good morning. My name is Elena Pasquali and I'm CEO and co-founder of EcoSteer.
EcoSteer is an IoT and blockchain software startup, and our mission is to lay the technical foundations for a new, distributed and decentralized data economy. Today, I will talk about the value of data and how that value can today, thanks to new technologies, be actually redistributed amongst its original possessors, the citizens and companies of all sizes for a new distributed and decentralized data economy.
What do you think when you hear the term personal data?
Well, probably you think about your name, your address, your telephone number and about 20 years ago, you would have actually been right but the internet and more specifically, the Internet of Things has changed all that.
Connected devices, smart phones, smart home sensors, wearable sensors produce continuous stream of data that describe our behavior in every possible detail where we are, what we buy, how do we drive? How much time do we spend at home? In fact, connected devices are creating what we call our digital twins and the materialized version of ourselves that generates a continuous flow of data describing our state, what we are doing, our interactions with the environment. This data has a huge potential value.

Data ownership for a distributed and decentralized data economy

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