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Virtual tourism: a case study of the Aliathon Resort

Published on November 29, 2022   22 min

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Hello. My name is Dimitrios Buhalis, and I'm Professor in Bournemouth University Business School, and a visiting professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I'm doing this presentation about Aliathon Resort in Paphos, Cyprus, that we have developed together with Stelios Filippides, who it's part of the Filippides family that owns the hotel and he was the managing director until recently.
We will talk about Aliathon and we'll talk about the customer experience strategy, and the social media strategy that we developed in the last ten years. We'll show you how this has become quite successful for a small independent hotel to compete with many different other hotels through an engagement strategy that has been very revolutionary.
Aliathon Holiday Village, as it was known at that time, was established in 1992 and opened with 52 apartments. It is owned by the Filippides family and it takes a whole range of different facilities on a holiday village format. Today, Aliathon is one of the largest and most successful holiday resorts in Cyprus. It has a total capacity of 460 doors or rooms, and there's approximately the capacity to serve 1500 guests.
The Aliathon Resort is now split in two hotels. The Aliathon Aegean and the Aliathon Ionian. The Aegean provides a much more relaxed and tranquil environment, while the Aliathon Ionian provides more adventure and it is more family and children friendly.

Virtual tourism: a case study of the Aliathon Resort

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