Corporate branding

Published on November 29, 2021   35 min
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Thank you for joining us for this session on Corporate Branding. I'm Professor Asha Kaul working in the area of communication at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India.
Ahmedabad is a premium B school in the Asia Pacific region. My current areas of interest are Corporate Reputation, Corporate Communication Crisis Management, CSR, and Social Media. I have published extensively books, articles, and cases. Currently, I'm focusing on Indian cases to get a better understanding of the intricacies involved in making management decisions. The case that I will discuss now is also in line with my area of interest. I've also been the recipient of many awards for my contribution in the area of communication and management. For a detailed CV, visit my profile at the link provided.
The agenda for the session today is the definition of key terms: Identity, Brand, Image, and Reputation. These key terms have often been used interchangeably. For academic purposes, it is essential that we differentiate between all these terms which I will do in my subsequent slides. I would also like us to understand the difference between Brand and Reputation because building a brand ascertains a good reputation which is difficult to replicate or emulate but which has high returns, tangible and intangible. More on that a little later. Why are we discussing corporate brand? A good corporate brand helps an organization to establish its presence in different markets. For it pronounces its presence and its objective of existence. To be able to discuss the above-mentioned points. I will use the Case Study: Changing Perceptions and Transforming Outcomes L&T Acquisition of Mindtree, which is going to be followed by a conclusion.