Corporate Communication: Concepts and Practices

Launched February 2022 Updated August 2022 6 lectures
Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney
Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, India

Corporate communication, probably the newest management discipline, defines the value of communication in a highly connected and competitive world with common markets and without geographical boundaries or cultural divides. Digital media has made corporate reputations more fragile, in consequence of the exponential growth in internet reach and the quantum of... read moreuser-generated content on the internet. Customers are no longer inhibited in expressing their views on anything, including their experiences with brands and organizations.
In this era, corporate organizations have to change their traditional practices and engage more proactively with their myriad stakeholders. We can compare the practice of corporate communication to a tight-rope walk which requires focus, clarity, and balance between the organization’s goals and the public interest.

In this series, experts from around the world with proven academic, research, and professional experience in corporate communication share their insights on the theory of corporate communication, offer successful strategies, and present real-life case studies.