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Business Schools and the future: an interview with Kevin James

Published on October 24, 2021   28 min

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Interviewer: Today I'm speaking to Dr. Kevin James, Dean of the College of Business and Economics at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technology University. We're looking at what business schools are seeking to deliver, the challenges they are facing, and the solutions they're deploying. Dr. James, how do you view the role of your school, what are the challenges your school is currently facing, and how are they being addressed? Dr. James: The role of our school has a lot to do with how our university was founded, and what we are about. Our university is a historically Black university, which means that we have had a predominantly African-American population. That population is probably currently about 75 per cent Black, or African-American. There is considerable diversity, however, and what that means is that we are - I think the purpose of our university right now - is very important, considering the heightened awareness around equity and racial justice, and around the need for diversity in business, and the understanding of how that enriches business, and increases productivity, increases revenue and net income. We are the largest historically Black university in the US, and we have a great potential to contribute in the area of producing a very strong diverse workforce.

Business Schools and the future: an interview with Kevin James

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