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Business Schools and the future: an interview with Malin Brännback

Published on February 4, 2020   29 min

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Interviewer: Professor Brännback, thank you very much for sparing your time today to speak to us. We're in these interviews looking at the objectives of business schools and business education, and particularly trying to go beyond the aspirations to exploring how, in the current environment, they are seeking to deliver those objectives. To give some context, I understand that you were previously dean. A dean position is for periods of four years. You're now back to being a professor. You have a particular interest in entrepreneurial studies. Let me ask you to give us a little context about what your career has been to date and how you came to be dean. Prof. Brännback: I became dean because I was a vice rector five years before that, and partly, the current structure of Abo Akademi University in four faculties was partially my handing. Abo Akademi University used to be seven faculties. Then sometime in 2010, we restructured the university and it was supposed to become leaner. I don't know what went wrong because we went from seven faculties to 12 departments or institutions. Obviously, that wasn't a very good idea, and that was, I guess, a sign of poor organizing. So as vice rector, I was tasked to fundamentally draw up what we should have

Business Schools and the future: an interview with Malin Brännback

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