The Future of Business Schools: Interviews with Deans

Launched February 2020 Updated October 2021 7 interviews

Over a number of weeks we spoke to the Deans of six business schools and faculties of management which use Henry Stewart Talks to enhance teaching and learning in their programs. Each interview is unique but the common theme of our conversations was how each dean views the role of... read moretheir school in shaping the future societies and economies in which their students will work and live.

We asked the deans to describe the challenges their school is currently facing and how they are being addressed, and in view of these challenges, how the school plans to achieve its objectives. Given that the business school is part of the wider university, we explored how the school manages its faculty now and in the future; how it makes use of digital resources; the future is of the live lecture; and what constitutes ‘best practice’ in live lecturing.

(7 Interviews)