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Business Schools and the future: an interview with Thomas Wahl

Published on February 4, 2020   19 min

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Interviewer: To provide some context, perhaps you could just explain how you've come to be in the position you now occupy. Dr. Wahl: The school was started in 2008 when the university was reorganized, and I started off as a deputy dean at the school in 2009 when the former dean was retiring. I got the question from our vice chancellor if I was interested in taking on the position, and I have had it since. I came almost from an administrative background, then I was working with research administration mainly. I have been taking on the duty as the dean since 2012 now, and I'm into my second period of four years, which ends by the end of this year, and maybe there will be another period coming. We are discussing that as we speak. Interviewer: Now your original background, you mentioned research, was in sociology. Is that correct? Dr. Wahl: Yes, that's correct. My own discipline is sociology, and when the school started, sociology was one of the disciplines at the school, but we had a reorganization later where the sociology subject was moved to another school working more with welfare issues. So I'm kind of lost as an academic in my own school in one way, but we have a lot of business studies and management studies organizations, so there are of course still a lot of topics that are close to my own area. Interviewer: Now the school itself is called the School of Business, Society and Engineering, a somewhat unusual title. Perhaps I might ask, what is it you're trying to achieve? Dr. Wahl: Yeah, thanks for asking, it's quite interesting. When the school was started in 2008,

Business Schools and the future: an interview with Thomas Wahl

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