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Slack: communicating in the workplace

Published on March 30, 2021   12 min

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Hello, my name is Mariusz Soltanifar and I am a researcher in the area of corporate entrepreneurship and marketing lecturer at Hanze International Business School in Groningen, the Netherlands. Today, I'm going to be talking about workplace communication and how it is changing with new ways of communication channels while focusing on Slack application as an example. We are going to learn more about the different companies offering workplace communication and how startups need to compete with tech giants like Microsoft.
Let us first have a look at the overview of what I've prepared for today. This case discusses what type of communication channel Slack is and why the company experience such a fast grow. Furthermore, it will be compared to other workplace communication channels offered by companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google. First, the nature of challenge is highlighted. Second, the company itself is presented. Third the explanation of what has been done so action taken is discussed. Four, the outcome is reviewed. At the end, I will be presenting the learning from this case.
Let me highlight the nature of the challenge Slack faced first. After downloading the application can be used with the mobile phone or computer. Slack has been created for business to business communication with the main goal to save time and therefore increase productivity. The software which Slack runs on, could play a central role in the digital business of tomorrow. For instance, group messaging app based around teams of workers or subjects of common interest, insights and organization. The application replaces email chains among workers and reduces the need for meetings. In 2018, Slack was worth seven billion dollars. While talking about the challenge, it is important to say that Slack went through an incredible grow and became popular for company use worldwide due to all of the integration added. Last least Slack was listed on the New York Stock Exchange since June 2019.

Slack: communicating in the workplace

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