Leaders with intuitive intelligence

Published on December 31, 2019   12 min

Other Talks in the Series: Intuitive Intelligence in Business

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Hello and welcome to this exciting series of Intuitive Intelligence in Business. Thank you for joining us. I'm Dr. Manj Subiah, Executive Coach, Author, Business Advisor and MBA tutor. It's a pleasure to continue our talks on Intuitive Intelligence. Just to recap briefly, in Talk 1, we shared how leaders were experienced by others is having remarkable game changer abilities, which they brought to the table when operating in uncertain business environments.
In Talk 2, we located Intuitive Intelligence within the VUCA context.
We then located Intuitive Intelligence in the macro and then the micro business context. We recalled that the macro and micro business environment informed the Intuitive Intelligence of individual leaders and teams, which then formed the basis of further actions and decisions. This iterative cycle of information, actions, and business decisions formed the basis of the process of feedback, feed forward, learning, evolutionary loop of Intuitive Intelligence.
We also asked what in the building blocks of Intuitive Intelligence made it possible for leaders to have such an adaptive capability within her testimonies from business leaders about the value of Intuitive Intelligence in business.
Now, in this talk, we take a look inside the heads of leaders using Intuitive Intelligence. So in terms of outcomes, at the end of this talk, you will know the distinguishing characteristics of leaders with Intuitive Intelligence and the value of these characteristics in business.