Intuitive Intelligence in Business

Launched April 2019 Updated June 2022 13 lectures
Dr. Manj Subiah
Executive Coach, South Africa

Within a global context of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and dynamic change, Intuitive Intelligence represents a vital capability for business professionals and leaders in the 21st century. Public reaction to phenomena such as Wall Street excesses and corporate tax agility increase the importance of business schools and universities educating future leaders... read morein ethical leadership and robust strategic decision making, particularly for C-Suite executives.

It is critical that business schools and universities support their students with progressive thought leadership and direction. This series harnesses the Intuitive Intelligence field to help give undergraduates and MBA participants the skills to deal with an uncertain future.

As an executive coach and MBA tutor, I often encounter executives and business students who are amply equipped with the fundamental technical skills required for their field, and yet are not similarly armed with a set of reflective skills and competencies to successfully navigate our changing global business context. Intuitive Intelligence is the distinguishable trait identified in business leaders who successfully navigate such a context.

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