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How cultural similarities can lead to cultural difficulties

Published on July 31, 2019   14 min

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Good morning and good afternoon or evening of course as well. This talk will be about "How Cultural Similarities Can Lead to Cultural Difficulties," cultural similarities. So not cultural differences but cultural similarities and that can also lead to cultural difficulties or you know why culture matters when you're working internationally.
A little bit about myself. I grew up in the airlines as I always say, I was a consultant for 12 years when working for KLM. I traveled the world doing that. I talked about sales marketing and cultural differences, and all in all added up together, I have about 20 plus years of experience of international consulting under my belt, predominantly talking about culture and cultural differences. In terms of education and educational background, I'm an organizational psychologist. I got my master's degree in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. That's where I'm from originally as well. I'm a Senior Consultant for the company Culture Matters. I also write and research on the topic of culture and cultural differences. At the moment I have three books printed or present or published if you want on the topic of cultural differences. I lived a year in the States when I was younger, upstate New York. Woodstock for those of you that still remember that name, Woodstock the famous concert in New York in Woodstock that never actually took place in Woodstock. But currently, being a Dutchman coming from Amsterdam, I live and work in Belgium very close to Brussels.

How cultural similarities can lead to cultural difficulties

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