High-performance teams

Published on November 29, 2018   30 min

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Hi. I'm Richard Kasperowski. I'm an author, keynote speaker, teacher, and coach focused on high-performance teams.
I use tools like Core Protocols, Agile, and Open Space Technology in my work, helping teams and organizations be the best they possibly can be. In this presentation, I'll be sharing ideas on high-performance teams. This is about psychological safety. It's about team emotional intelligence and it's about Core Protocols. These are behavior patterns that can help you get psychological safety and EI and thus, high-performance teams.
I ask people on teams this very important question, what is the best team you were ever on in your entire life? That could be a work team, that could be the work team that you're on right now, that could be a work team you were on in the past. That could be a project team, maybe some projects that you worked on when you were in school, maybe in university, that could be something totally unrelated to work. Well, actually let's define the word "team" here. So, a team is any group of two or more people aligned with a shared goal. That's what really is the definition of team: any group of two or more people aligned with a shared goal. So, that could be a work team, that could be a project team. Once somebody told me that their best team ever was a group of friends who go fishing every Saturday morning and everybody in the group knows exactly what their role is, what they're supposed to be doing together. My wife has taken up knitting. Sometimes, she knits with other people. Oftentimes, that's her best team. This could be a purpose-driven group, maybe a non-profit organization that you're part a of, maybe that's your best team ever. Maybe it's you and your family; you and your significant other. Sometimes I say my wife Molly and I are my best team ever. What is your best team ever?