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Extended-form Case Study

Vocational skills training: the ICZ way

Published on August 29, 2018   17 min

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Vocational Skills Training: The ICZ Way. I'm Simon McLean. I'm a chartered building surveyor. I'm also the Program Director for Building Surveying at the University of Salford.
What is ICZ? ICZ is a term which has been penned by the University of Salford, which is to describe what it classes as its main strategic goal: The development of industry collaboration zones (ICZ), is our single strategic priority. ICZs will provide new ways for our students, colleagues, and industry partners, to co-create and experiment and learn together. Being a university populated by academics, and academics like to use words. The principles of ICZ and how they are to be actioned are the subject of a considerable amount of pagination, which in respect of tuition can fortunately be summarized. All courses offered by the University of Salford are vocational. They don't do art courses which don't have a vocational ending. All the courses must be delivered in collaboration with partners from the profession that they service regardless of what that profession maybe.

Vocational skills training: the ICZ way

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