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CityFalcon: case study of a financial start-up

Published on September 28, 2017   12 min

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I'm Ruzbeh Bacha, the founder and CEO of City Falcon.
We are a fintech startup redefining our financial news as aggregated, curated, distributed, and consumed. Within the team, we call it ACDC for us to remember.
But if you go back three and a half years, I was sitting at Skype. I wanted to do something innovative, build my own business. So, I left Skype. I learned how to code and then created the first version of City Falcon from my bedroom. Having seen how the product works, having seen that it helped me invest and trade better in the stock markets, we decided to actually go ahead and scale up the product. Why scale this up? Because we saw if it solves my problem, it could solve problems for hundreds, thousands, millions of users who are in the same market, who today struggle to get access to quality financial information, technology not being used as it should be in the financial services space, and a lot of the solutions costing a lot of money. We raised 200,000 funding then, and we started building a tech team, hiring financial analysts, and marketing people, and today, we are 17 of us. We raised £600,000 in funding, our biggest client is BNP Paribas, and we're looking to expand globally.
Being a first-time entrepreneur, I wasn't really sure how to go about building a sustainable, big business. So the first thing I did was I got two senior people who have a lot of experience with product, building companies, managing relationships, to come on board as advisers. So two advisers, slightly different skill sets, complementary skill sets which allowed us to kind of think about how to go about building this business.

CityFalcon: case study of a financial start-up

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