Management ideas, fashions and consulting

Published on July 16, 2015   37 min

Other Talks in the Series: Management Consultancy

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Hello. Welcome to this session on "Management Ideas, Fashion and Consulting." My name is Stefan Heusinkveld. I'm currently an associate professor at the VU University in Amsterdam. I'm working at the department of management and organization of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
The last 15 years, I've conducted a series of studies on what you may call the creation, dissemination, and adoption of management ideas. I'm talking about management ideas such as BPR, business process re-engineering, the balanced scorecard, a lean management, and perhaps more recently, corporate social responsibility. And there's a stream of research that tries to understand the overall puzzle related to the impact of these kind of ideas on management and organizational practice. And in this session, I would like to share some experiences and research to better understand these questions of impact. And I will particularly focus on what you may call the supply side factors, which relates to how actors such as consultants gurus are developing these ideas and try to disseminate them.
So what I will try to do in this session, after an introduction in which I try to explain the key terms, I will try to explain how consulting may play an important role in understanding the dissemination of these ideas and the ultimate impact of these ideas on management and organizational practice. After that, I will focus on three themes which account for the production of these ideas in relation to consulting, which are the packaging of these ideas, processes of production, and questions about how ideas evolve over time. This is ended with a number of concluding comments.