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Crash course on entrepreneurial learning

Published on May 14, 2015   16 min

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Welcome everyone. This is an introduction to the topic of entrepreneurial learning. My name is Ricardo Zozimo, and I'm part of the Faculty at Lancaster University Management School in the UK. The topic of today is really going to delve into what we know about how entrepreneurs learn. And this is quite important, because learning has been one of the topics that has been connected to performance in many studies. So the more entrepreneurs learn, the more they know, and the more they know, the more they can perform.
Entrepreneurial learning is really a combination of what entrepreneurs do with what they learn. And by doing that, it's not just about human beings learning. Obviously, entrepreneurs are human beings. It's about how they take this learning, and apply it to the most important processes of entrepreneurship. Such as discovering new opportunities, such as exploiting those opportunities, and connecting with others that want to exploit those opportunities. So one of the questions I often ask any of the entrepreneurs that I meet, is how do you learn? So take a few seconds before I show you the next slide for you to think about how do you learn, what processes, what sources, do you apply in your own learning.

Crash course on entrepreneurial learning

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