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Globalization of market presence

Published on April 2, 2014 Reviewed on December 30, 2018   46 min
Hello, this is Anil Gupta and Michael Damencher, in strategy and globalization, at the Smith School of Business, the University of Maryland. This presentation focuses on the specific logic that should guide companies as they embark on the globalization of their market presence. Just to locate this particular topic within the broader concept or broader framework of global strategy - let's look at the framework that I advocated in a companion presentation called "Going Global - Foundational Ideas". So here what I say, is that when we think
about global strategy or taking a company global, we should look at it as a multi-dimensional task. Three main components of the strategy task, and then of course, in the middle, globalization of organization and mindset. The three main strategy components being: globalization of the front-end, which is the customer facing end or what I say globalization of market presence. Second, globalization of the value chain, that's let's say, the back-end or the backstage activities. Third, is globalization of capital base. A company could be highly globalized on all three, not globalized at all on all three, or globalized in different ways on each of these three-dimensions; or globalized more in one and less in the other. But here, in this presentation I focused exclusively on the task of globalizing the market presence. So what this chart is saying is, think of the typical large company,