Situation analysis

Published on February 27, 2020   22 min
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Today we will be looking over the situation analysis.
I will be the one presenting the course to you. My name is Jean-Francois. I am an independent consultant working in this space for the last 15 years and the author of multiple books, and I specialize in this sector, in life sciences or medical devices, nutraceuticals, biotech, pharma, healthcare, every company from small startups to large pharma to government agencies.
Today's presentation will be cut into three distinct chapters. The first is internal analysis, and that's where we will be looking at information from inside your company. The second section is information from outside your company, external analysis. Then we will be looking at how you transform those bits of information into a framework you can use, using both the SWOT and the TOWS models.
Internal analysis is where we will be focusing on your mission objectives, your vision, your current capabilities, as well as looking at your company's business model, which are all invaluable to how you build your marketing strategy.
Your mission objective and corporate vision are very important for how you direct and how you build your company. Your mission is looking at who's your client? What will you provide your client? What is unique about what you provide? Whereas, your vision is a little bit more of an emotional statement, and it's the desired outcome of your company. Generally, if your mission and vision can apply to a competitor, keep looking, keep rephrasing, find something that makes you unique.