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Making decisions

Published on September 27, 2011 Reviewed on June 30, 2016   45 min
Hello and welcome to the topic of making decisions. My name is J. Russo, Professor at Cornell University, and the first of the Henry Stewart Talks on decision making will be presented by me. But I would like you to know there's a whole series that I'll try and suggest how the other more detailed talks fit into the larger picture.
Please allow me to begin with a friendly challenge. The challenge is really about the value of the time that you're putting into listening to this talk. Let me suggest that you take a moment and follow the instructions on the screen. What advice would you give to a young person entering your organization, your profession, about how to make decisions? What are the five points that would seem to you to be most important that someone should know about making good decisions in your profession? Take a moment if you would and write down what you think is good advice. We'll return to this later and a comparison between the before, now, and the after, that is the later, will inform you about the value that you may be able to get from today's talk.