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Leading extraordinarily positive performance

Published on July 4, 2010 Reviewed on August 31, 2016   57 min

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This is Kim Cameron, William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. I'm happy to share with you today what we're learning about leading extraordinary performance in organizations.
My objectives today are to introduce an approach for achieving extraordinarily positive performance in organizations. So, we'll be focusing on the organization level rather than on the individual level. I'm gonna share with you scholarly evidence supporting the importance of positive leadership in creating such performance.
I will assure you that everything in the presentation has an empirical foundation, that is, it is research-based and therefore has established validity. In addition to that, there is a theoretical grounding for each of the points being made. There is an explanation for why. It's not black magic! In addition to that, I have either implemented or have helped organizations implement each of the prescriptions that we'll share. So I know that there is a practical utility associated with what we share.

Leading extraordinarily positive performance

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