Organizational BehaviorNavigating the complexities of the modern organization

Launched July 2012 Updated January 2015 25 lectures
Prof. Ramon J. Aldag
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Modern organizations are characterized by uncertainty, rapid change, diversity, globalization, challenging economic environments, and conflicting demands. As such, it is increasingly important to master the skills of organizational behavior in order to understand, predict, and influence our own attitudes and behaviors and those of others.... read more

Some organizational behavior (OB) skills – such as motivating, leading, communicating well, managing conflict, behaving ethically, and dealing with change – have long been recognized as critical. However, other OB skills – such as exhibiting compassion, leading teams, maintaining a satisfying and fulfilling workplace, shaping a positive and productive organizational culture, dealing with diversity, and developing cross-cultural sensitivities and skills, are being recognized as increasingly important. Together, these skills help ensure that the workplace is both rewarding and productive.

The presenters in this series are all top experts in the field of organizational behavior, with extensive teaching, research, and consulting experience. They offer an array of perspectives to provide their audience with current, evidence-based guidelines for successfully navigating the complexities of organizations – and of life.

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