Bite-size Case Study

Using altmetrics to evaluate impact

Published on November 30, 2023 Originally recorded 2023   7 min
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I will introduce a case study. In this case it is related to a Spanish journal, Profesional de la información which in English is the Professional of Information. It's a journal related to communication, library sciences and information science.
Here we can see on my left the website of Profesional de la información, the official website of the journal, and on my right we can see the Twitter profile. I will use these two elements to analyze this journal.
Here we can see my experimentation, my brief research. I collected all publications published in 2019 by Profesional de la información, and I measured the performance in 2022 so that I had three years to collect and to measure and contextualize the results. I used Scopus database to collect these publications. I collected 129 publications and all citations collected by each of these publications. This is the first stage. The second stage is using PLUMX to collect altmetrics. For example, here we can see the number of readers, and for Mendeley the number of Facebook posts, the number of tweets, number of news, and so on. Finally, I collected all tweets published by the journal in 2019, these were 270 tweets. For all tweets I collected the engagement metrics hoping to see if these tweets had received likes, retweets, quotes, and replies. As a first result, I found that only 70% of all publications were included or mentioned on the tweets published by the journal using the Digital Object Identifier or DOI.