Leading negotiations

Published on January 30, 2022   9 min
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Hi I'm Dr. Robert Lussier, Professor Emeritus at Springfield College. I have more than 475 publications with 8,000 plus Google Scholar citations, with book sales exceeding 2 million copies including a leadership book that this presentation is based on. I'm also a visiting professor through my Publish do not perish, I go to universities around the globe to improve student and faculty ability to get published. See my website publishdonotperish.com for more details. In this talk, I'm going to be discussing how to successfully negotiate a bargain that provides a good deal for both parties.
You have to negotiate in both your personal and professional life such as getting a job. Now negotiation is the process in which two or more parties attempt to come to an agreement or make a deal. If there is a set 'take it or leave it' deal, such as a retail price, there is no negotiation. Now the goal of negotiation ideally is that all parties should believe they got a good deal. Unfortunately, not many people are born with great negotiation skills. But the good news is that negotiation skills can be developed following the steps in the negotiation process.
The negotiation process has three or possibly four steps. The first thing we have to do is plan, then we do the actual negotiation, and there may be a postponement of the negotiation and we either come to an agreement or we don't. We're going to talk about each of these four steps individually.