Leading through motivating

Published on January 30, 2022   10 min
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Hi I'm Dr. Robert Lussier, Professor Emeritus at Springfield College. I have more than 475 publications with 8,000 Google Scholar citations, book sales exceeding 2 million copies including a leadership book that this presentation is based on. I'm also a visiting Professor through my Publish Do Not Perish, I go to universities around the globe to improve student and faculty ability to get published. See my website publishdonotperish.com for more details. In this talk I'm going to be discussing motivation. Motivation is about influencing others to do something they otherwise wouldn't do. Leadership is about influencing others through motivating them to achieve objectives.
Let's start with the motivating process, now motivation is based on our needs or our wants. We behave to get what we need or want. However, motives are complex as they don't always know why we do the things we do, but understanding needs will help you better understand motivation and behavior. Have you ever wondered why do people do the things they do? This talk will help you better understand. Now the motivation process is basically five steps. We start with a need then we have a motivation to meet the need. Then we take some sort of behavior to meet that need. Then with all behavior there's some sort of a consequence and we're either satisfied or dissatisfied. For example you have a need for, you're thirsty so you get a drink, so you have the motivation to go get that drink and either you're satisfied or not, but as you know you're going to get thirsty again. The process is ongoing and we have more than one motivation going on at one time.