Leadership presence: how do you show up?

Published on January 30, 2020   22 min
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Hello, in this talk we will be discussing "Leadership Presence". How do you show up, through the lens of emotional intelligence? Learning more about how others perceive you will help increase your effectiveness as a leader by inspiring those around you. I'm your host Laura Virgilio, founder and CEO of "Branching Out", a leadership development company specializing in emotional intelligence and personality type. Let's get started.
One of my favorite quotes regarding leadership was introduced to me by Dr Rich Handley. I also had the pleasure to learn about emotional intelligence from him more than a decade ago. His quote, "leadership is the art of influence". Your ability to inspire influence and ultimately lead people is a reflection of how you show up. It's not always the words you say but the actions you take, how you handle stress, show determination in the face of adversity, demonstrate your want and need to develop and encourage others to do the same.
So what is emotional intelligence? It's defined as "a cross section of interrelated emotional and social competencies and skills that determine how well we understand and express ourselves". "How we understand and relate to others, and cope with daily demands". An American psychologist study that did research on IQ, suggested that cognitive intelligence accounted for only 6% of success in the workplace. Whereas a BarOn study showed that 27 to 45% of the workplace success was linked to emotional intelligence. Which means having EQ or people smart has been found to be directly linked to job success 4 to 7 times more than just being book smart. One of the things I like about emotional intelligence is that you can increase your emotional intelligence overtime by doing some things differently. For example asking, how can I support you? When needing to show empathy towards someone else. In my years of leadership training, whenever I ask people what characteristics leaders possess, they almost always relate to EQi. For example, inspiration, being supportive, being collaborative, caring, fair, direct and empathetic. So think about someone who's inspired you over the years. Do you think they have competencies that relate to emotional intelligence? How did they show up? What did you admire the most about them?