Extended-form Case Study

Starting up Agile in an enterprise

Published on October 31, 2019   22 min
Hello, my name is Kirsten West and today we are going to talk about "Starting Up Agile in an Enterprise".
I have an education from IT. It's a short education which was very popular in the '90s, except from that, I have taken a Pre-MBA in IT management and organization and I have a Master in Business Practitioner in NLP. I've been working in Bankdata since 1991 and I have been working mainly with developing project and project management. Since 2000, I have been working as a department manager. Right now, I'm managing a project which is quite a huge project, where I am part of the data management. We are more than one manager in this program. I'm responsible for the Program Office and also the agile approach.
Bankdata just to put it on the land card. We started in the '60s and has being founded in Fredericia, where we have been located ever since. We are owned by nine different banks in a corporate where they are sharing the IT and especially having focus on the expenses and also what they can gain by being together in this community. Today Bankdata is developing everything, from mobile and web banking to credit and advisory system, and we're around 750 employees in Denmark and India.