Online Learning for Business Education

Launched September 2019 Updated August 2020 15 lectures
Ms. Rowena Hennigan
Lecturer and Corporate Trainer, TU Dublin, Ireland

Online learning, in higher education and as a scholarly field, has seen extensive growth. The adoption and use of online learning by traditional educational establishments, as well as in corporate and community settings, has dramatically increased. Many internet users have taken a simple survey or test, watched a how-to video... read moreor even joined an online course of some description. Digesting and learning about topics and content that twenty years ago would have been available only in a face-to-face setting and at certain times, is accessible to individuals and organizations around the world. Now, as online learners, in many cases we can choose how, when and what we learn, with a wider range of options than ever.

With this vast array of choices, what are the key considerations in designing and developing learning content for this new generation of students? This series covers the online learning landscape and types, how learning pedagogy should be integrated into resources, how to really add value to activities, including content sourcing and structure, design, licensing, communications, interactivity and best-practice guidelines. Throughout the series many relevant examples are given, tips and tricks are shared, and a case-study is presented on the key elements in online learning design, based on a programme offered by Dublin Institute of Technology.

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