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Discipline and dismissal

Published on April 30, 2018   50 min
Hello, my name is Stephen Taylor. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how and when it's sometimes necessary to use disciplinary approaches when managing people, and, on occasion, to dismiss them from their jobs. This is always an unpleasant part of the management job, but it's nonetheless something that has to happen sometimes, and learning to do it well is thus important for all aspiring managers. This talk is part of a series on first-level line management.
This is the agenda for today's talk. I'm going to start by introducing the subjects of discipline and dismissal, defining the terms and so on. Then get to go on to talk about how we can use discipline effectively as a tool of performance management. This is a question that has been the subject of a lot of debates, and I want to describe and discuss some of those debates with you. Thirdly, we will go on to look at some of the legal questions relating particularly to the dismissal of staff. Finally, I'm going to come to some conclusions about these subjects. Let's start with definitions of dismissal.