The Art and Practice of First Level Management

Launched June 2017 Updated July 2020 17 lectures
Ms. Sue Hutchinson
University of the West of England, UK

First line managers are vital to individual and team motivation and performance, but their importance is frequently overlooked in organisations, and support can sometimes be lacking. In recent decades, the role of these managers has changed significantly, and it is no longer the traditional supervisory role we associate with monitoring... read moreperformance and telling people what to do. In most organisations today the role has grown and encompasses many new responsibilities particularly in the area of people management, such as responsibility for welfare, counselling, providing support, and handling performance issues. It is also a role which presents huge challenges.

Most managers are moving into management for the first time, and transitioning from team member to manager of a team can be very difficult as managers face competing demands and loyalties. Additionally, they have to deal with new issues and develop new skills such as communication, motivation, coaching and negotiation. In this series, we explore the role of these managers and consider some of the fundamental management skills that they require, such as recruiting and selecting staff, motivating staff, managing performance (including having those ‘difficult conversations’), and developing and supporting the team.

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