Dr. Jochen Raimann Renal Research Institute, USA

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In April 2007, Jochen Raimann received his medical degree, after approval of his doctoral thesis, from the Medical University Graz, Austria, and in October 2014, his PhD, after approval and defense of his doctoral thesis, from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands.... read moreDr. Raimann has been certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the United States since January 2009. His research activities include glucose and insulin kinetics and metabolism, dry weight estimation, the determination of body composition and body volumes, bioelectrical impedance, cardiovascular pathology in dialysis patients (blood pressure, heart rate variability), the importance of dialysate and serum sodium in dialysis therapy, and the clinical applications of saliva urea nitrogen as measured by a dipstick method. Dr. Raimann has first- and co-authored several peer-reviewed papers, abstracts, and book chapters; is a member of the Editorial Board of Dialysis Times and NDT Educational; and has also been a peer-reviewer for various international medical journals.