Prof. Jacqui Matthews University of Sydney, Australia

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Prof. Matthews completed a PhD on protein folding with Prof. Alan Fersht at the University of Cambridge. She carried out postdoctoral training at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne, studying the folding and interactions of the cytokine interleukin-6, before moving to Sydney to establish her own research laboratory. Dr.Matthews'... read moreresearch focuses on the investigation of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions that occur during normal cellular development but that can also cause diseases such as T-cell leukemia and breast cancer. As well as determining how these biomolecules interact, she is also trying to artificially regulate these activities through the design of specific protein inhibitors. In particular Dr. Matthews' team are interested in the regulation of LIM containing proteins, LMO2, LMO4 and LIM homeodomain proteins, through the use of optimized peptides and zinc finger proteins.