Prof. Monika Fuxreiter University of Debrecen, Hungary

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Monika Fuxreiter is a professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Debrecen, Hungary. She received a PhD in theoretical chemistry and protein crystallography. She was a postdoc in the laboratory of Arieh Warshel (USC, Los Angeles), Nobel laurate in chemistry in 2013. She worked at the Weizmann Institute... read moreof Science (Israel), University of Cambridge, and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, MRC, Cambridge (England). In the last 15 years her research focuses on intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). She made seminal discoveries on the organization and regulation of disordered biomolecular assemblies, and proposed the concept of fuzzy complexes. She edited two books on protein dynamics and fuzziness, which were published by CRC Press and Springer. Currently she is interested in the role of fuzziness in higher-order molecular organizations and in the development of new phenotypes. She received various scientific awards, such as the L’Oreal-Unesco “Women for Science” in Hungary.