Dr. Chi-Chao Chan National Institute of Health (NIH), USA

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Chi-Chao Chan, M.D., an American board certified ophthalmologist, is a Scientist Emerita of the National Eye Institute (NEI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA. She studied at Zhongshan Medical College (now Sun Yat-sen University Medical School) in China (1961-1967) and then received both bachelor (BA, 1972) and medical doctorate (MD,... read more1975) degrees from Johns Hopkins University, completed ophthalmology residency at Stanford University Medical Center in 1979, and two post-doctoral fellowships at the Wilmer Institute, Johns Hopkins (ophthalmic pathology, 1979-1982) and at the NEI, NIH (clinical immunology, 1982-1986), respectively. She became the Chief of the Immunopathology Section in the Laboratory of Immunology and the Chief of Histopathology Core at NEI/NIH; became a world expert in ophthalmic pathology and ocular immunology. Dr. Chan has published more than 650 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 55 book chapters, and two books. She also serves as an editorial board member for 20 medical journals. Her work has uncovered many aspects of uveitis (molecular and immunopathology), primary intraocular lymphoma (diagnosis) and age-related macular degeneration (molecular pathology and mouse model). Dr. Chan has received many honors and awards, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Senior Achievement Award, ARVO Gold Fellow, the NIH Director Award, NEI Director Award, and the Outstanding Achievement Award in Ophthalmology.