Dr. Michael McDonald Fairfield University and Morning Investments, USA

45 Talks 3 Series

Michael is an assistant professor of finance at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He holds a PhD in finance from the University of Tennessee and his research has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and by Bloomberg. Michael teaches classes in the areas of corporate finance and investments. His research... read morehas examined international differences in financial markets, asset pricing anomalies, and the role of analysts in setting securities prices. He has acted as a business consultant for several different companies in the areas of finance and economics.
Prior to entering his PhD program, Michael worked as a municipal bond trader for Wachovia Securities. His role there included analyzing various bond issues and forecasting returns based on proprietary models. He also worked for a hedge fund inn Greenwich, AQR, doing quantitate data mining and analysis. While working and prior to entering his PhD program, he was also a silent partner in a construction company that Michael originally founded as an undergraduate at Clemson University. This company built houses in the Charlotte NC and Greenville SC area. Michael operated this company for four years while finishing his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and his Master’s Degree in Economics.

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