Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Applications in Industry

Launched January 2017 Updated August 2017 10 lectures
Dr. Michael McDonald
Fairfield University and Morning Investments, USA

Big Data; the term is bandied about so frequently today that it might seem like everyone except you already understands it. The truth is that like its partner “Business Intelligence”, Big Data is actually not well understood at all. Most people who talk about Big Data (BD) have at best... read morea general notion of what it means and almost no experience with actually using BD in a meaningful way. However, BD is an important new tool for modern business. Advances in computing power can now give businesses ways to analyze data that they never could before. With these advances, firms can make decisions about pricing, marketing, new products, and resource allocation more effectively than they have ever been able to in the past. Major corporations like Kroger are starting to use BD to help determine what products they should advertise to specific customers. General Electric is using BD to more efficiently run its industrial maintenance schedules. Citi is using BD to help proactively figure out the maximum interest rates various customers are willing to pay. BD is useful in all of these settings and a lot more. This series of lectures will walk you through the basics of Big Data and then delve into various applications in Big Data