Prof. Robb Krumlauf Stowers Institute for Medical Research, USA

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Dr. Robb Krumlauf is the founding Scientific Director of the Stowers Institute and holds academic appointments as a Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Kansas Medical School and Professor of Oral Biology at the University of Missouri Kansas City Dental School. Dr. Krumlauf... read morereceived his B.E. in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from Ohio State University. He did postdoctoral training at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow, Scotland and at the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia, PA. He established a research group and served as the Head of the Division of Developmental Neurobiology at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research in London, UK. Dr. Krumlauf’s research focuses on understanding the molecular and cellular pathways that control patterning of brain development and the basic body plan. He investigates vertebrate head development and Hox genes to understand patterning mechanisms and regulatory networks in hindbrain segmentation and craniofacial development. Hox genes play critical roles in regulating regional diversity in many tissues, so the goal of his research is to build a basis for understanding the regulatory networks and pathways that pattern many elements of the basic body plan in development, disease and evolution.