Prof. Kenji Kabashima Kyoto University, Japan

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Kenji Kabashima was brought up in northern part of Kyushu in Japan. He trained in medicine/dermatology at the United Naval Hospital, Kyoto University Hospital, and University of Washington Medical Center. Then he started research on lipid mediators in immunology at Kyoto University, which led to a PhD (Prof. Shuh Narumiya).... read moreThat year, he was appointed as assistant professor in Dermatology at Kyoto University (Prof. Yoshiki Miyachi), and then he researched on dendritic cell homeostasis and plasma cell mobilization at UCSF (Prof. Jason Cyster). In 2005, he moved to University of Occupational and Environmental Health as an associate professor (Prof. Yoshiki Tokura). Since 2008, he has been researching on the mechanism of inflammatory skin diseases by visualization of the skin at Kyoto University