Prof. Geoff Burnstock University College London, UK

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Professor Geoffrey Burnstock PhD DSc FAA FRCS(Hon) FRCP(Hon) FMedSci FRS is President of the Autonomic Neuroscience Centre, University College Medical School, UK. He completed a BSc at King’s College London and a PhD at University College London. He held postdoctoral Fellowships with Wilhelm Feldberg (National Institute for medical Research), Edith... read moreBulbring (University of Oxford) and C. Ladd Prosser (University of Illinois). He was appointed to a Senior Lectureship in Melbourne University in 1959 and became Professor and Chairman of Zoology in 1964. In 1975 he became Head of Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at University College London and Convenor of the Centre of Neuroscience. He became Director of the Autonomic Neuroscience Institute in 1997. He was elected to the Australian Academy of Sciences (1971), Royal Society (1986), Academy of Medical Sciences (1998) and Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (1999) and Physicians (2000) and awarded the Royal Society Gold Medal (2000), the Copernicus Gold Medal (Ferrara) in 2009, the 2010 Gaddum Memorial Award and most recently the Academia Europaea Erasmus Medal 2012 and the IUPS Paton Lecture 2013. He has been given Honorary Degrees in the Universities of Antwerp, Frankfurt and Leipzig. He is Editor-in-Chief of Autonomic Neuroscience (Elsevier), Purinergic Signalling (Springer) and Open Neuroscience and Open Pharmacology Journals (Bentham). His major research interest stems from his seminal discovery of purinergic signalling and definition of P2 purinergic receptors, their signaling pathways and functional relevance. He has supervised over 100 PhD and MD students and has published over 1,500 papers, reviews and books. He was the most cited scientist in Pharmacology and Toxicology 1994-2006. His papers have been cited over 86,800 times with a Hirsch (h)-index of 130.