Prof. Marc Freichel Heidelberg University, Germany

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Dr. Freichel is a medical doctor and received an MD degree based on his work at the department of Biochemistry of the University of Saarland. After his training in Experimental Pharmacology in several laboratories he joined Heidelberg University as a Director of General Pharmacology and serves currently as Managing Director... read moreof the Depatment of Pharmacology. Research in Dr. Freichel's laboratory is primarily focused on ion channels regulating the influx of Ca2+ as messengers for cellular and systemic functions. The main interest is currently directed at TRP and Ca2+ channels and their role in the cardiovascular system (endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, cardiac fibroblasts, platelets), epididymal cells and mast cells, their corresponding integrative body functions including vascular and cardiac contractility, transmitter secretion, blood pressure regulation, fertility and mast cell activation as well as their role in disease-associated processes such as maladaptive cardiac remodeling and the development of diabetes mellitus evoked long term sequelae. Marc‘s laboratory has a long lasting experience in transgenic approaches using gene targeting in embryonic stem cells for the generation of disease models and for the identification and validation of new drug targets.